Monday, 15 October 2012


Hello there! 
I'm Ryan Simpson (of no relation to Homer, Marge or any other yellow character of that cartoon!). I live in Northern Ireland, I've lived here my whole life and, although I do enjoy living here, there are times when I cannot wait to leave and so I hope to move to another country and possibly travel as many places as I can!
I'm 17 and still in school, also still currently living with my parents and sister who I'm extremely close to and spend a lot of my time with!
Anywho, I love reading. Books are something that have become a part of me and I doubt I could survive without them. I love the joy, excitement, fear and thrill that it gives me, and I love how easily I can escape from real life --> Sit down, huddle up, grab a book and BAM!, you're in a new world.
I'm excited to get started with this new blog of mine as I've been on YouTube since April 2012 and absolutely love having somewhere that I can interact and discuss books with people just like me! If you haven't already checked out my YouTube channel and would like to do so, feel free!

I hope that you enjoy this blog as much as I expect to enjoy creating and adding to it!

Signing off on my first of very many blog posts,